‘Reduce waste and still have an enjoyable holiday?’ Possible, says MNS Marine Group

The MNS Marine Group, Selangor Branch reflected on their waste generation after a recent underwater cleanup in Perhentian Islands.

MNS Marine Group, Selangor Branch: Dive against debris? Strive against debris!

“While it was very satisfying collecting loads of trash in the Dive against Debris activity during the June (1-4) MNS Marine Group trip to Perhentian Island, the cynical part of us feels this movement is really just another excuse to scuba dive, and create more debris!

Let’s examine our own creations, just for this trip itself. What did we bring and consume? Really, for an island holiday, all you need are t-shirt and shorts. But so subsumed are we in consumerism that, for us, a holiday is not complete without bags of potato chips, 3-in-1 coffee packets, snack-sized chocolate bars, sweets, biscuits …”

They go on to list a few simple solutions.

It is heartening to see them do a self-audit and make suggestions. We hope this will evolve to a environmental code of conduct and checklist for all such trips in future.

Similarly, we need reminders too. At the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore, we asked the 70+ Organisers who signed up between Mar-Jul a few questions about their preparations for the international event in September:

  1. Are you cleaning and re-using your gloves?
  2. Are you re-using other equipment such as tongs, clipboards and banners?
  3. Are you supplying participants with bottled water?
  4. If providing food, are recyclable plates and utensils being used?

It’s time to examine the answers to provide a report card, which we will circulate to Organisers. Then see if we can encourage better practises through suggestions.

Thanks for the reminder MNS Marine Group!

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