Calling Independents – battle marine trash at Kranji East mangrove with us!

On Sat 21 Sep 2013, more than three thousand volunteers will head to shoreline led by their Organisers to battle marine trash. Zone Captains will work with them at various sites around Singapore.

What will people without an Organisation to follow do? Well, we call you “Independents” – people without a group who are motivated enough to come down do your bit for the planet.

Well this year, you can join us in the North West of Singapore, where we will are assembling a team to tackle a very tough site this year – Kranji East mangrove.

This is a tough site for a few reasons:

  1. The trash load is high
  2. There are lots of heavy, bulky items.
  3. We have to carry all that trash up a slope.
  4. We have then have to move the load to the Trash Dispoal Point.

Several groups will be on hand that day:

  1. “Independents”
  2. FMC Technologies Singapore
  3. North Vista Secondary ODAC
  4. Jurong Secondary School
  5. NUS Biodiversity Crew
  6. Raffles Museum Toddycats

It is important that you do the following:

  1. Read the Advise to Participants on the ICCS Webpage first.
  2. Then sign up at

We need as many experienced and dependable hands as possible at this site, so do join us!


Sivasothi aka Otterman
International Coastal Cleanup Singapore,

Not all trash at Kranji East mangrove!



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