Early marine trash numbers and effort from four zones

We have eight zones in the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore 2013 and by Tuesday morning, the data submissions from four zones are complete and have been published with details at iccs-status.rafflesmuseum.net.

This is testament to the efficiency of the Organisers who put in the effort to send us consolidated data immediately after the cleanup so that we can work on it over the weekend.

While these are pre-verification numbers, the collated figures begin to give you some sense of the effort put in by volunteers:

  • ICCS East Coast Zone: 563 volunteers cleared 38,918 items weighing 629kg in 100 trash bags over 6.7km [link]
  • ICCS Chek Jawa Zone: 155 volunteers cleared 6,121 items weighing 1.046 tonnes in 150 trash bags over 590m [link]
  • ICCS South Zone: 235 volunteers cleared 4,607 items weighing 1.341 tonnes in 266 trash bags over 2.765km [link]
  • ICCS North West Zone: 513 volunteers cleared 23,171 items weighing 3.895 tonnes in 423 trash bags over 1.075km [link]

Thus far, for the four completed zones (representing about half the participants), 1,466 volunteers categorised 72,817 items of marine trash weighing 6,911kg in 939 trash bags, covering s distance of 11,130 metres.

Meanwhile, 18 photo albums have been published on Flickr in the ICCS2013 Collection.


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