“Every little bit adds up” – an encouraging two minute video to “Keep Our Waterways Clean”

The “Keep Our Waterways Clean” video has cleanup volunteers and coordinators from Waterway Watch Singapore and ICCS discussing “Every little bit adds up” – daily littering contributes to unsightly and harmful impact in our waterway and shores.

But “every little bit adds up” is also the source of strength to combat the problem, from individual responsibility to reduce the impact and volunteer effort to combat the problem on the ground.

I like this two-minute video very much, the volunteers gives you such a hopeful feeling.

Nurul, Waterways Watch Society:

“You can see the hard work and effort of everybody to build up the country to what it is now, cannot keep the park or the waters clean just by like, one or two of us, it is actually [the responsibility of] a lot of people, the community, all of us.”

Syahidah, ICCS Organiser (RGS):

“…its pretty sad to see that scenery destroyed by our trash. Every little bit adds up. So even if you see that its just one harmless cigarette butt or one empty packet, at the end of the day, can add up to millions of tons and that’s pretty overwhelming.”

Huan, ICCS student volunteer:

“I feel really heartened to see, like, all us Singaporeans coming together and picking up all the litter, it shows that we care about our environment”.

This video will be screened widely to get the message out. Thanks to NEA and the Public Hygiene Council for getting this done. Find out more at keepsgclean.sg

If you feel motivated to join us to plan our 2014 International Coastal Cleanup campaign, please see coastalcleanup.wordpress.com/volunteer!

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