Cigarette lighters from Singapore, for Shigeru Fujieda at Kagoshima University, Japan

During this year’s International Coastal Cleanup, we asked the Volunteer Coastal Cleanup Organisers to set aside and send us the cigarette lighters they collected off the beach in Singapore.

Dr Shigeru Fujieda from Kagoshima University is using cigarette lighters to track marine trash movement. He has published work for the north-western Pacific (Japan, Korea) and has ongoing research on the subject.

In June this year, he met many of the International Coastal Cleanup coordinators from the Asia Pacific in Korea during the AMETEC Workshop I on Marine Debris and invited us to contribute data to the project.

Armed with this simple appeal, many ICCS Organisers graciously sent us their collections rom the shores around Singapore. When we returned to NUS that 3rd Saturday in September, Pearlynn Sim decided she’d help process the collection with Melissa Teo’s help – thanks, girls!

She did such a good job, I asked her to help with the later submissions that came in. So tonight she is back in NUS to complete the job.

Next – to package the lot and send it to Fuijiera-san!

Thanks everyone, for your contributions!

Pearlynn Sim leaning and sorting a second lot of cigarette lighters from the beaches of Singapore. Photos by Xu Weiting, her java!

20131128 Pearlynn Lim sorting cig lighters

The motherload from Sungei Loyang, sent in recently by Chua Yi Teng, Woodlands Ring Secondary School!

20131128 cigarette lighter colelction from SG Loyang

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