Attenborough: “One of the most important films ever made” – Away, a film about plastic pollution in oceans

In the upcoming documentary, Away, Sir David Attenborough talks about the long-lasting impacts of “indestructible” plastic in the introduction:

Cancer survivor Jo Ruxton who is producing this film, previously worked on BBC’s Blue Planet and Life. She only learned of five gyres whilst filming Sharkland in 2007.

“We have to start asking why we produce so many non-reuseable items out of a material that is non-degradable. We have to start acting on this right now.

“People simply don’t realise that when they drop a fizzy drink bottle on a street, it will probably end up being washed down the drains and even- tually into the seas. People often struggle to connect their actions to the bigger picture – that’s what I want this film to achieve. To open people’s eyes.”

– “The man-made monster threatening our oceans,” by David Clensy. Bristol’s The Evening Post, 13 Dec 2011.

Find out about the film’s progress at the Plastic Oceans Foundation webpage.

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