The curse of plastics – in beautiful Norway as much as it is everywhere!

Northern Norway – stunning coastlines, clear water and a mountainous backdrop. Yes, nature is in perfect shape. Or is it? The camera pans to plastic amidst the Norwegian coastline.

“Norwegians for Clean Coasts” is a six-minute video which remind viewers that plastic will enter the food chain, and the footage of micro fragments being.

Ren Kyst (Norwegians for Clean Coasts), aims to clean up marine litter along 35 heavily littered beaches and coastline in northern Norway. The County Governors office fund the cleanups by volunteers and the programme involves various municipalities, councils and the Norwegian Coast Guard, the Norwegian Coastal Administration, fishermens associations and the municipal waste management company.

The Coast Guard also helps with trash removal after cleanups.

This project is led by Bo Eide, an environmentalist at the Tromsø Municipality. He had previously worked on the upstream project reinforced the deposit/refund system where producers are granted a refund of their environmental fee for a 95% recycling rate of non-refillable plastic bottles and beverage cans.

Even in a country that faces the happy problem of having insufficient garbage to fuel energy plants, the issue of bioaccumulation of plastics in organisms is still a problem which requires Ren Kyst to mobilise support and raise awareness.

The call of the video is universal, and is something we experience in Singapore too. You can begin by hitting a beach to conduct a cleanup or sign up to volunteer with us!

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