Earthlink NTU’s Ecoventure 2014 Year-Round Coastal Cleanup at Tanah Merah 5

Vivian Koh from Earthlink NTU’s Ecoventure 2014 team reports:

  • Overall weight of trash collected: 96.14kg
  • Manpower: 15 people
  • Distance: est. 200m
  • Time taken: 1hr
  • Common items: plastic cups, cigarette butt, styrofoam bits
  • Unexpected items: thick long ropes, long pipe, jerry can

On 1st June 2014, the Ecoventure 2014 team from Earthlink NTU visited Tanah Merah Beach 5 to conduct a Year-Round Coastal Cleanup (YRCC). During the low tide, we combed the site, picking up trash as small as cigarette butts to a thick long rope 10kg in weight.

The Ecoventure project has worked to assist a community aboard while instilling environmental awareness in participants in Singapore since the establishment of Earthlink NTU in 1993. The Ecoventure 2014 team will embark on our youth expedition programme for an environmental workshop in Laos this June.

Prior to our overseas visit, this coastal cleanup gives us an opportunity to play part in caring for the environment and in the process, raise out awareness about environmental issues. It will also get us thinking about adaptable and sustainable solutions as we look about us during our trip.

We realised that with regards to anthropogenic waste, prevention is better than cure – improper disposal of waste contributes greatly to the problem of marine trash. Procrastination increases the effort required for cleanup – waste gets buried under sand and rocks over time and it is important that we exercise responsibility in provide a clean environment for everyone to enjoy.

Picking up the trash diligently
20140601tm5 01

The long pipe which we hauled from the coastline
20140601tm5 02

One of the thick ropes which we found
20140601tm5 03

An insight to the types of trash collected
20140601tm5 04

20140601tm5 05

The green plastic bag which we managed to dislodge from the rocks
20140601tm5 06

Getting the trash out from the sand
20140601tm5 07

Weighing the thick rope
20140601tm5 08

Ecoventure 2014 team together with the trash collected
20140601a NTU Earthlink at TM5

Our final shot, together with Hannah, the Zone Captain for Tanah Merah
20140601b NTU Earthlink at TM5

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