Congratulations to Nexia TS for their fine effort of removing of 4,500 marine trash items on Changi Beach!

Congratulations to Nexia TS who conducted a Year-Round Coastal Cleanup at Changi Beach on 11 Jul 2014, as part of their CSR day in conjunction with the NEA Seashore Life programme. This great initiative removed 4,500 items of trash from the heavily peppered coastline of Changi. We congratulate them for their fine effort on behalf of the environment!

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They report:

“Over 4,500 pieces of trash, weighing more than 150 kg, were collected along a 3,300m shoreline of Changi Beach. The more common items found were cigarette butts and foam containers, consistent with the International Coastal Cleanup 2011 report which ranked these items first and second on their list.

Unique items like a car key and a shaver were also picked up during the cleanup process. The data collected on the trash will contribute to the Ocean Trash Index Report, in collaboration with the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore, the volunteer arm of the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research at the National University of Singapore. It will be used to raise awareness, identify hotspots for debris or unusual trash events, and inform policy solutions.”

While we conduct ICCS in Sep-Oct, anyone can organise a year-round coastal cleanup at any time. This pdf explains how you can do this. .