Independents battle marine trash with Toddycats at Tanah Merah 7 for ICCS [Sat 13 Sep 2014]

On Sat 13 September 2014, close to four thousand volunteers from 60 organisations will head to the shorelines of Singapore to battle marine trash. Our Zone Captains have been working tirelessly with these organisations and we are looking forward to ICCS!

Where do individual volunteers without an organisation do? They can register to help as “Independents”- the term we use for people motivated enough to join the coastal cleanup on their own.

You can join us by registering here by Wednesday, 10 September 2014!

This year they will be joining Toddycats at Tanah Merah Beach 7 where a 800m beach with lots of plastic trash awaits us!

The Toddycats & Independents team have been dispatched to Tanah Merah 7 this year because it is a tough site with lots of plastic trash scattered all along the 800m shore – and we have to transfer all the trash which we and others collect to the Trash Disposal Site at the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. The route to the beach will be down the side of a concrete bund so will all have to careful not to slip!



Several groups will be on hand that day as well:

  1. Hougang Secondary School
  2. Jurong Secondary School
  3. National Environment Agency
  4. Toddycats
  5. Starbucks
  6. ITE College East

We need experienced and dependable hands at this site so do join us and do the following if you are interested to help out:

  1. Read the advise to Particpants on the ICCS Webpage.
  2. Fill in the registration form at

As this site is controlled by the police and access is restricted, we require you to provide us with your identification number and document type – we will erase this information on the day of the event. Please note only registered participants will be allowed to take part in the cleanup.

Thank you for your interest in protecting the environment and we hope to see you on the beach!

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