Toddycats & Independents clear 526 kg of marine trash from Tanah Merah 7 [13 Sep 2014]!

On 13th Sep 2014, NUS Toddycats of the Lee Kong chain Natural History Museum and come valiant Independents conducted a coastal cleanup as part of the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore. At the eastern-most end of Tanah Merah 7 beach, 39 volunteers relieved the shore of 526 kg of trash, and then moved all of that to the trash disposal point 800m away! We are thankful to the enthusiastic volunteers who completed the task so efficiently!

In this site not all the trash could be cleared – the ICC provides data to develop a profile of trash on the beach to help formulate policies about managing the source of the problem. The cleanup also reminds volunteers about the amount and source of the trash. It was heartening to hear a volunteer declare that she would think twice about using styrofoam containers in future!

Thank you for your help and we hope to see you again next year!

Browse through photos taken by Kenneth Pinto here and do share the photos to help raise awareness!











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