Singapore Paddle Club (SPC) @ Pulau Tekukor clears some 30 bags of trash

Kelly Ong, ICCS South Zone Captain writes,

On the morning of 13th Sept 2014, a passionate team of 22 environmental heros from the Singapore Paddle Club (SPC), lead by Rob Palmer, gave their routine paddle training a deeper meaning by conducting a beach cleanup at Singapore’s Southern island Pulau Tekukor! Whilst this island is inaccessible to public visitors, it is still plagued by much marine trash brought in by the tides.

The cleanup was a huge success after a morning’s hard work and everyone beamed with pride after clearing close to 30 bags of trash which consisted of mostly plastic water bottles as well as abandoned fishing nets that pose a serious threat to marine wildlife. The bags of trash were then painstakingly transported to St John’s Island to be disposed of properly by Sentosa Development Corporation.

The paddling heros ended their cleanup in high spirits. The International Coastal Cleanup Singapore team salutes to their great efforts and we look forward to more of such cleanups to come from SPC!

 spc cleanup4

spc cleanup5

spc cleanup3 

spc cleanup6

spc cleanup7

spc cleanup8

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