Year-Round Coastal Cleanups (YRCC) in 2015 begin!

The annual data-collecting International Coastal Cleanup is conducted in September every year in Singapore and in countries around the world. However, our shores require relief from the burden of marine trash which is deposited all-year round. In response to this are volunteers from schools and corporate groups who conduct Year-Round Coastal Cleanups (YRCC).

Conducting a coastal cleanup at a recreational beach is an eye-opener indeed at any time of the year. You an arrange to do this through NEA’s Seashore Life program or by arrangement with NParks. Do begin your work early – our shoreline cleaners get started at sunrise and will not rely on late-comers to the shore!

Last year, we highlighted these five YRCC efforts amongst the many that took place and we salute them all! Some of these cleanups were assisted by NParks and NEA’s Department of Public Cleanliness, who helped with trash disposal. These agencies are involved in the ICCS annually as well and we thank them both.

  • 15 Feb 2014 – Nature volunteers @ Pulau Semakau [link]
  • 01 Jun 2014 – Earthlink NTU’s Ecoventure @ Tanah Merah 5 [link]
  • 11 Jul 2014 – Nexia TS @ Changi Beach! [link]
  • 09 Aug 2014 – National Day Mangrove Cleanup @ Lim Chu Kang [link]
  • 22 Dec 2014 – Cubic Singapore @ West Coast Beach [link]
20150210 CubicSingapore

There are four types of beaches (Categories A to D) which a group can tackle – see “Suggestions for Year Round Coastal Cleanups.” YRCCs are especially helpful when conducted on our non-recreational beaches and mangroves which, unlike our recreational beaches, are not cleared of trash on a daily basis. These sites are still host to marine life and every effort helps protect them from the impact of trash.

In preparation for such cleanups, Organisers read the ICCS Guidelines for Organisers and liase with an ICCS Zone Captain, who will go on a joint recce with them, to ensure a safe cleanup is arranged.

YRCCs do not require the use of the Data Cards but to record the number of black trash bags and overall weight of the collection, as this helps us gauge the variation of trash load at a site. Some groups prefer to use the Data Card as it informs and educates volunteers. The trash profile and load variation data provides for a greater understanding of the underlying challenge.

This year, SUTD Green Club claimed the honours for the first YRCC with ICCS.
20150117 SUTD PandanMangrove YRCC

Others are planning YRCCs later on in the year, including the ICCS Otters:

  1. Sat 17 Jan 2015: 8am – SUTD Green Club @ Pandan Mangrove
  2. Fri 30 Jan 2015: ?9am – Olympus Technologies Singapore Pte. Ltd’s Environmental Program (37 volunteers)
  3. Thu 26 Feb 2015: 8am – NUS Ridge View Residential College (GEM1917) @ Tanah Merah 7 (35 students)
  4. Sat 14 Mar 2015: 9am – Bukit Batok Sec School @ Pasir Ris 6 (50 students)
  5. Sat 21 Mar 2015: 4.00pm – 6.00pm – World Water Day Coastal Cleanup @ Pandan Mangrove (ICC Otters; open to public)
  6. Sat 18 Apr 2015: 8.00am – 12.00pm – Earth Day Coastal Cleanup @ Pasir Ris 6 (ICC Otters; open to public)
  7. Sat 23 May 2015: 9am – Bukit Batok Sec School @ Pasir Ris 6 (50 students)
  8. Sat 06 Jun 2015: 8.00am – 12.00pm – World Environment Day Coastal Cleanup @ Tanah Merah 7 (ICC Otters; open to public)
  9. Sat 08 Aug 2015 – National Day Coastal Cleanup @ Lim Chu Kang (ICC Otters; open to public)

There will be more than these, we hope!

The public cleanups organised by ICCS Otters will be publicised on this blog and through the ICCS mailing list. Do sign up with the mailing list to be kept informed – at the top of the webpage at


20140913 TM7

Photos from Cubic Singapore, SUTD Greeen Club and Kenneth Pinto, ICCS.

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