Recce at Tanah Merah 7 reveals a heavy trash load on the high shoreline

24 Feb 2015 – A recce was conducted in preparation for the Chinese New Year Coastal Cleanup by Ridge View Residential College (RVRC) students taking GEM1917 – Understanding And Critiquing Sustainability.

As we left Tanah Merry Ferry Terminal and entered State Land, the beach appeared rather clean. Had NEA cleaners been hard at work here after the September cleanup for ICCS?


A seemingly clean beach with tiny balls of sand created by the Sand Bubbler Crab

The trash revealed itself to us slowly, as we walked further away from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.

IMG_1806  IMG_1808IMG_1811  IMG_1820IMG_1822  IMG_1836IMG_1845IMG_1915  IMG_1924 IMG_1925  IMG_1972IMG_1848  IMG_1849   IMG_1851   IMG_1859

And at the high shoreline, the accumulated trash among the vegetation:

 2015-02-24 09.38.45  2015-02-24 09.38.28

2015-02-24 09.39.06

Barnacles growing on the surface of a discarded container: IMG_2008

There was still signs of life at the beach! We saw many holes in the ground (homes of crabs), acorn worm poop, moths and herons.

IMG_1793  IMG_1794  IMG_1798  IMG_1955IMG_2002  IMG_2020

 Not all hope is lost!

IMG_1863  IMG_1866

It’s TIME to STEP up in preserving our marine life!

All the photos on Flickr.

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