The ICCS Flickr Photo Album Index, 2005-2014

Since 2005, all the photos taken during ICCS workshops, recces and during the cleanup have been uploaded to Habitatnews’ Flickr albums

These photos have been contributed by Zone and Site Captains, Organisational representatives and Volunteers appointed to document ICCS with photos. The large collection has become unwieldy to sort through.

we use the photos to provide first time Organisers with an idea of the site they will work on, the terrain, trash load and site details. The photos also can be indicative of tide levels on a specific date and time, providing an estimate of the optimal tidal height for a cleanup to proceed. A collection of photos from the same site provides a visual indication of trash load changes at a site. 

Photos are also important for outreach and awareness, for sharing on social media or insertion into slide talks, to stimulate an interest in protecting our environment.

So now, I am happy to present this ICCS Flickr Photo Album Index has been compiled! [link].

Photos are indexed based on site, year and the event type (e.g. recces, ICCS, National Day Coastal Cleanup) as well as the Organisation and Participants. The link provided for each album is clicked to provide the Flickr Album.


A big thank you to all the ICCS Zone/Site Captains, Site Buddies and Organisers who have taken and contributed photos over a decade!

Germaine Leng
ICCS Intern, 2014