The first ICCS Volunteers’ Meeting 2015 – encouraged by new and experienced volunteers!

Friday evening (20 Mar 2015) @ NUS Life Sciences Lab 7 – The International Coastal Cleanup Singapore coordinators held our first Volunteers’ Meeting of the year. Zone Captains welcomed 14 new enthusiastic volunteers, introduced themselves to them and spent the night discussing the structure of ICCS and potential roles volunteers could play within ICCS.

Although the big event on 19 Sep 2015 seems to be a long time away, coordination has to begin early as there are recees, access permissions to obtain, training workshops for Organisers and other duties to execute. Entirely volunteer-run, we put out a call for help in early March. Individuals who share a desire to rid our shorelines of harmful marine trash and educate individuals and groups responded.

ICCS Volunteer Briefing 2015
Sivasothi a.k.a. Otterman , who has been coordinating coastal cleanups since 1997, begins the session.

2015-03-20 20.00.14 2015-03-20 20.01.26
A vibrant atmosphere with meaningful conversation and determined spirits!

We were heartened by young Tamara Wise, who accompanied by her father, Jeremy was already engaged over the global issue of marine trash. She shared with us her motivation for joining ICCS and her frustration with water pollution – the impact of her teacher, Ms Gammon, was evident. Her desire for action illustrates the power of education in exposing and motivating young individuals about important issues.

Zhong Zhi from Geylang Methodist Secondary School is already organizing cleanups for his classmates at 15 years old! He discussed plans for a cleanup at East Coast Park, which he hopes to conduct after his exams. Meanwhile, he is joining us for Year-Round Coastal Cleanups to learn the ropes.

Volunteers Maludin, Li Choo and Madeline, who are already experienced participants or Organisers. They feel strongly about environmental issues and intend to take action. They would be invaluable in helping to coordinate the 24th year of International Coastal Cleanup in Singapore. Together with new ICCS volunteers Dada, Angel, Uttara, Xieheng, Hung, Chamila, Fanghui and Elizabeth, we hope they will reach out to many more communities and empower individuals to take ownership of the natural environment in Singapore!

Here’s to ICCS 2015!

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