“Operation WE (coastal) Clean Up” – 30 volunteers remove 892kg of trash @ Lim Chu Kang Beach

3 May 2015 – 29 individuals from all over Singapore hit Lim Chu Kang Beach in conjunction with “Operation WE Clean Up!,” a movement led by the Public Hygiene Council (PHC). Volunteers removed more than 892kg worth of trash, excluding many jerrycans, oil drums, large blue containers, and tyres!

DSCF5131 DSCF5125

Left: Hauling back the remnants of a sofa back to the trash collection point.
Right: The sight of volunteers dispersed throughout Lim Chu Kang Beach

DSCF5156 DSCF5162 DSCF5173

Kudos to these two girls worked hard to remove all the pieces of plastic and styrofoam throughout the cleanup, and didn’t want to stop even when the cleanup was over!

DSCF5195 DSCF5225DSCF5229 DSCF5234

Left: Maludin, our ICCS South Zone Captain!
Right: Individuals who tackled the back mangroves

DSCF5271 DSCF5293 DSCF5300 IMG_20150503_165238



The weighing of trash was efficient, and done surprisingly fast due to good coordination and teamwork!

We ended the cleanup session with a debrief, during which we discussed the 5 Gyres, sites of massive plastic accumulation in slow rotating currents within oceans around the world. Plastics in these places can remain there for decades to come. We also talked about microplastics in the environment, and explained the dangers of such small plastic microbeads in the oceans. These fragments, which can be broken down into sizes of less than 2mm, can be ingested by plankton. Plankton is ingested by fish, and as we consume seafood, the toxins from these plastics eventually find their way up the food chain onto our dinner plates.


A big thank you to everyone who came down to make Lim Chu Kang a much cleaner place, especially to those who have been attending our 2015 coastal cleanups regularly. We look forward to meeting everyone at our next cleanup!

Registration opens for International Coastal Cleanup Singapore 2015!

Announcement – ICCS 2015 Registration for Organisers

Greetings Organisers!

Mark the date – Sat 19 Sep 2015! – Organised volunteer groups and independent volunteers have been part of the International Coastal Cleanup program in Singapore since 1992. We are happy to welcome Organisers to this meaningful activity in 2015.

This year is the 30th anniversary of the international programme coordinated by the Ocean Conservancy in Washington DC, USA. Around the world on the morning of the third Saturday of September which is 19th September 2015, groups will conduct coastal cleanups to collect, categorise, record and remove trash from their shores.

The tidal height in Singapore (Sembawang) on 19 Sep 2015 is 1.19m at 8:07am, so the shores will be exposed at all sites and you an review this at sites.coastalcleanupsingapore.org.

Organisers can now register for participation and indicate your preferred sites and dates at registration.coastalcleanupsingapore.org.

ICCS map

The ICCS team will conduct the Site Allocations Exercise based on the Organiser’s experience with ICCS, earliness of registration, familiarity with the site, volunteer preparation, and site difficulty. The results of these exercises will be announced at the end of May and June and listed at status.coastalcleanupsingapore.org.

Registration will be close thereafter.

LCK 2012 (kp) 02

Workshops for Organisers in July
The workshop will conducted by the Zone Captains at NUS and are meant for Organisers and their assistants only. The workshop is critical for new organisers but also useful to veterans to participate and anyone who needs help in reviewing the site recce and safety assessment checklist.

There will be three small group evening sessions for you to chose from on Wed 1st Jul, Thu 2nd Jul & Fri 3rd Jul 2015. Simply indicate your intent during registration and we will confirm your attendance later. If July is inconvenient, indicate your availabie period and we will try to arrange additional sessions at more suitable times.

You can also organize cleanups at any other time of the year if you wish to! Please see Year-Round Coastal Cleanup guidelines, and contact us accordingly.

Thank you for your interest in caring for the environment!

N. Sivasothi
International Coastal Cleanup Singapore

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum
& Department of Biological Sciences
National University of Singapore