3,500 volunteers in 68 organisations registered for September’s International Coastal Cleanup in Singapore

As of today, 3,542 volunteers are signed up through 68 organisations (schools, agencies, corporations and other groups) to tackle some 61 sites around Singapore. The date of the cleanup? On or near the international date set by the Ocean Conservancy on the third Saturday in September – 19th September 2015.

This will be the 23rd year of the international coastal cleanup in Singapore.

We began with a recruitment exercise for new site captains in March, then ICCS Zone Captains processed Organiser’s registration and allocated sites mostly in the first half of the year. About that time, they recce’d cleanup sites to ensure all was in order, and after three rounds of site allocations, we conducted three days of workshops for organisers, and amidst various talks at organisations, zone captains went on final site recces with Organisers.

We will next be updating various agencies – NParks, SLA/SPF, NEA’s Department of Public Cleanliness and the Public Hygiene Council – to update managers about specific event dates and locations, clear permissions for access where needed, avoid overlaps and secure help for trash removal at prearranged Trash Disposal Sites (TDPs).

See last year’s results.

So while in the midst of double-confirming details, here are some numbers:

  1. North West (6 sites, 10 organisations) – 526 volunteers
  2. North East (11 sites, 14 organisations) – 595 volunteers
  3. Pulau Ubin (16 sites, 12 organisations) – 566 volunteers
  4. Changi (4 sites, 9 organisations) – 580 volunteers
  5. Tanah Merah (7 sites, 11 organisations) – 590 volunteers
  6. East Coast (12 sites, 5 organisations) – 685 volunteers
  7. South (5 sites, 6 organisations) – 220 volunteers

And who is lending their elbow to this effort? The 68 groups are from mostly educational and corporate groups but also include community groups and to smaller extent, nature and environmental groups and government agencies.

  • 26 groups (1,960 volunteers) – educational institutions,
  • 27 groups (1,175 volunteers) – corporate groups
  • 7 groups (520 volunteers) – other communities
  • 4 (205 volunteers) – nature/environment groups
  • 4 (122 volunteers) – government agencies

To view the details, visit status.coastalcleanupsingapore.org

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