SAJS kick off their “Values in Action” program with a coastal cleanup at Pandan Mangrove! (26 Nov 2015)

Staff of St. Andrew’s Junior School kicked off their “Values in Action” program with a sharing session by N. Sivasothi aka Otterman at the school and then travelled to the west for a coastal cleanup at Pandan Mangrove on 26 Nov 2015:

  • 1300h – Lunch @ School Canteen @ Potong Pasir
  • 1400h – Introduction and Video Session @ Thinkubator
  • 1445h – Depart for Ulu Pandan from the Carpark
  • 1530h – Start of Pandan Mangrove Cleanup
  • 1700h – Coastal cleanup ends and staff wash up
  • 1715h –  All depart for Staff D & D @ Civil Service Club Tessensohn

the very efficient Vice Principal Thomas Tan messaged me after the cleanup to say it was a wonderful, engaging experience, with the staff talking about it for days after the event. He hopes to keep the flame burning with positive action thereafter, in daily life!

See all the photos on Flickr.

001 SAJS VIA 26nov2015 140352h

002 SAJS VIA 26nov2015 141900h

007 SAJS VIA 26nov2015 160452h

014 SAJS VIA 26nov2015 161338h

015 SAJS VIA 26nov2015 161646h

019 SAJS VIA 26nov2015 162706h

024 SAJS VIA 26nov2015 163257h

025 SAJS VIA 26nov2015 163702h

032 SAJS VIA 26nov2015 164339h