Top 10 marine trash items collected globally (2015 Ocean Conservancy Report)

In 2014, International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) saw more than 560,000 volunteers remove more than 7,000 tonnes of trash along 20,000km of beaches and inland waterways in 91 countries. The global top ten items collected were single-use plastic items. See the report here.

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What Is Marine Debris? A cartoon crash course (94 sec video)

Another educational quick video by Jim Toomey and partners:

“Marine debris is all the manmade stuff that ends up in the oceans—from soda cans and plastic bottles to sunken ships. There’s marine debris in every ocean on Earth, and all that junk can kill and injure sea life, impede navigation, leach chemicals, and even end up in our food.

Nationally syndicated cartoonist Jim Toomey, creator of Sherman’s Lagoon, has joined forces with The Pew Charitable Trusts to illustrate “marine debris” and other terms associated with our oceans.”