Organiser’s registration is CLOSED for 25th ICCS 2016: 3,500 volunteers signed up from 80 organisations

The 25th International Coastal Cleanup Singapore is scheduled for the 3rd and 17th September 2016 at sites around the Singapore. 80 organisations have signed up more than 3,500 volunteers for the annual data collection exercise which is conducted around the world, and coordinated by the Ocean Conservancy.

Registration is now CLOSED for Organisers. The volunteer ICCS team spent Apr – Jun conducting site recces, processing applications, finalising site allocations and answering a tsunami-load of queries. In July we ran series of week night workshops to initiate Organisers, set up joint recce visits, get permissions for site access and arrange for trash disposal for the main event, which we are in the midst of doing now.

There is not enough time to process new Organisers now, so they will be redirected to year-round coastal cleanup with Public Hygiene Council. This requires at least three weeks notice.

Registration of individual participants for a coastal cleanup opportunity with NUS Toddycats on 17th September 2016 will be announced after National Day.

Part of the reason for this seasonal operation method is the purely voluntary nature of the team – we need to cope with our regular jobs and the university semester has just begun for some of us and we are swamped and must refocus in August!

Do join us next year in April when registration reopens. And thanks for caring for the environment!

Map of sites cleanup sites around Singapore
Screenshot 02

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