We recce Lim Chu Kang East mangrove with NUS student organisers

16th July 2011 – early Saturday morning we brought three NUS environmental engineering students, Vionna Luah, He Miao & Derek Ang for a visit to Lim Chu Kang East mangrove, a tough new site they will be bringing NUS staff and students to cleanup on Saturday, 17 Sep 2011.

N. Sivasothi (North West Zone Captain) led us on the recce accompanied by Yang Yi Yong (their ICCS Site Buddy) and myself (the Deputy Zone Captain for North West). Three visitors, Randy & Taylor Yerick and Jerome Lim joined us for the recce.

We first dropped in on Lim Chu Kang beach and mangrove, the site of the upcoming pre-National Day cleanup on 6th August. The trash load is certainly high again and help is needed! It was enough for Siva to complain (and appeal) on the Raffles Museum Toddycats blog, “Argh! I can’t stand the trash on Lim Chu Kang beach!

Siva asked me to direct the van to the Lim Chu Kang East mangrove, driving home the point of being prepared before a recce – well, I did manage to get us to the entrance at Lim Chu Kang Lane 9. During the recce, Siva discussed the use iPhone app, Runkeeper (he has not started using GPS MotionX yet) to track our route and generate a recce map with locations and boundaries subsequently.

His map indicates the key points for cleanuop operations:

  1. There is space to drop off participants safely – the road is a dead-end here,
  2. safety briefing will be conducted at the Assembly Area, a 10 minute walk away from the site.
  3. Trash would be be weighed at weighing stations and later brought to the TCP.
  4. Trash bags at TCP will be transported by wheel burrow to the TDP.
  5. NEA will be informed to collection the trash at the TDP.

ICCS Lim Chu Kang East mangrove recce
Map of the Lim Chu Kang East mangrove site

Walking to the site from the Drop-off Point

It’s going to be a tough site to clear!

Construction debris that the renovation contractor
of the nearby Cashin’s house must have dumped into the river.

LCK east mangrove - Photo by Jerome Lim
The stream is not TOO deep actually – we tested the depth.
Photo by Jerome Lim.

The trash load along the coast is lighter than that of the stream.

We’ll take care not to leave too many footprints!

It’ll be nice to see the mangrove free of trash

The NUS organisers discussed the operations with us at Holland Village after the field trip – the very high trash load and the need for participants to be prepared for shin-deep mud means the recruitment and preparation of volunteers for this year’s cleanup will have be more informative about conditions. after many years at Krnaji mangrove, this is going to be a new and interesting challenge for them!