The first Berlayar Creek ICCS!

The combined efforts of NYGS and NParks saw a trash load of of 235kg were collected during the ICCS conducted at Berlayar Creek mangrove in Labrador Park this morning.

Despite having to wake up super early on a weekend morning, the group of enthusiastic volunteers set off at 6.30am for trash collecting and data collection. Most of the volunteers felt that such meaningful activity should be conducted more frequently on a regular basis!

See results here.

Toh Yuet Hsin
Site Captain, Berlayar Creek Mangrove
ICCS South Zone

Berlayar Creek: New ICCS Site!

On the early morning of 27 May during low tide, Yuet Hsin (our new Otter from Nparks and Site Captain for Berlayar Creek)  plus Siva and myself went to the creek at Labrador Nature Reserve for a site recce!

First thing we had to do was to climb down a rocky slope to get into the mouth of the creek – which we gals took a while to do to the amusement of Siva!

The site did not have as much trash as we expected, but still there were abandoned fishing cages, nets, wires and cables dispersed along the approximately 1km stretch. As we waded deeper into the creek, the mud got softer and we felt it would be a challenge for layman who are not familiar treading in mud. Furthermore, there would be difficulty getting the trash out since most areas leading to land had already been fenced up. Hence, we decided to just tackle the mouth for this year’s ICCS and when the boardwalk by URA is ready end of 2010, we can clear further in next year with the better accessibility.

We had to squeeze our way out back to solid land via a barb-wired small hole in the fence but oh! we saw  flowering sea hibiscus and Siva spotted 2 white bellied eagle hovering in the clear blue sky! Nice.

Labrador Beach Cleanup by River Valley High

We went to clean up the beach at Labrador Park today and it was a fascinating experience. When we first arrived, we saw a lot of rubbish on the sand.

We grouped ourselves into threes and worked together to clean up the beach and collect data. In each group, one of us carried a big trash bag to stuff the rubbish in, another wore gloves and picked up the rubbish and the third recorded the different items found.

We found a variety of waste items, from very common plastic bottles and styrofoam bits to unusual things such as small porcelain figures and brooms. Some rubbish was entangled in seaweed, but thankfully we encountered no dead animals.

The only little creatures we saw were spiders in their webs under the bridge and sand flies hovering over the trash and rotting waste. The little crabs were probably hiding in the small deep holes which we noticed all over the shore.

Everyone definitely looked like they had fun picking the trash. After clearing up the trash scattered on the beach, the beach looks much more appealing than before. It feels great to see that we could personally make a difference in having a cleaner environment.

By Hikaridranz
River Valley High School

Posted via email from International Coastal Cleanup Singapore

Singapore Science Centre photos at Labrador Beach

The Singapore Science Center Photos are up on Flickr! See:

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