The ICCS Flickr Photo Album Index, 2005-2014

Since 2005, all the photos taken during ICCS workshops, recces and during the cleanup have been uploaded to Habitatnews’ Flickr albums

These photos have been contributed by Zone and Site Captains, Organisational representatives and Volunteers appointed to document ICCS with photos. The large collection has become unwieldy to sort through.

we use the photos to provide first time Organisers with an idea of the site they will work on, the terrain, trash load and site details. The photos also can be indicative of tide levels on a specific date and time, providing an estimate of the optimal tidal height for a cleanup to proceed. A collection of photos from the same site provides a visual indication of trash load changes at a site. 

Photos are also important for outreach and awareness, for sharing on social media or insertion into slide talks, to stimulate an interest in protecting our environment.

So now, I am happy to present this ICCS Flickr Photo Album Index has been compiled! [link].

Photos are indexed based on site, year and the event type (e.g. recces, ICCS, National Day Coastal Cleanup) as well as the Organisation and Participants. The link provided for each album is clicked to provide the Flickr Album.


A big thank you to all the ICCS Zone/Site Captains, Site Buddies and Organisers who have taken and contributed photos over a decade!

Germaine Leng
ICCS Intern, 2014

Photos from the Lim Chu Kang mangrove cleanup, 11 Sep 2010

“Mainly the mangrove” – the results so far from 11th Sep 2010

Final collations and summaries from 11th September will be out soon, meanwhile here are the links to he photos and results:


habitatnews' photosets on Flickr

South Zone
Pandan Mangrove

  • Toddycats Album 1 (link),
  • Toddycats Album 2 (link),
  • Toddycats Album 3 (link),
  • Toddycats Album 4 (link)
North West Zone
Lim Chu Kang

North East Zone
Pasir Ris 6

  • Tampines District Cuon Scouts & Independents (link)

Chek Jawa Zone

  • Toddycats Album 1 (link)
  • Toddycats Album 2 (link)


Northwest Zone
Kranji mangrove (KR)

  • KR1 – Emaar International School – link
  • KR1 – Singapore American High School / Singapore American Middle School – link
  • KR2 – National University of Singapore – link
  • KR2 – NUS High School of Math & Science Green Ambassadors – link

Lim Chu Kang (LCK)

  • LCK1 – Raffles Girls’ Secondary School Staff – link
  • LCK1 – Republic Polytechnic – link

Northeast Zone
Paris Ris Beach (PR)

  • PR3 & Pasir Ris Sungei Api Api – Alpha Phi Omega Alumni Association – link
  • PR6 – Tampines District Cuon Scout Group – link
  • PR6 – Independents – link

Ubin West Zone

  • Noordin Beach: NUS USP – link

Chek Jawa

  • Chek Jawa North 1: National Police Cadet Corps – link
  • Chek Jawa North 2: Land Transport Authority – link
  • Chek Jawa Central 1: Oscar & Friends – link
  • Chek Jawa Central 2: CHIJ St. Nicholas Girl’s School – link
  • Chek Jawa Central 3: St. Joseph’s Institution International Elementary School, Sixth Grade – link
  • Chek Jawa Central 4: School of Humanities, Ngee Ann Polytechnic – link
  • Chek Jawa South 1-4: Sukyo Mahikari Singapore – link
  • Chek Jawa South 5-8: CHIJ Katong Convent – link
  • Chek Jawa South 9-10: Dow Chemical – link

East Coast Zone
Tanah Merah 3-5

  • Brown University Alumni – link
  • Hougang Secondary Uniform Units – link

South Zone
Berlayar Creek mangrove

  • NParks Nature Parks Branch, NYGH PE Staff – link

Sungei Pandan mangrove

  • Wildlife Reserves Singapore – link
  • Raffles Museum Toddycats & NUS Biodiversity Crew – link
  • Oil Spill Response – link
  • Black & Veatch (SEA) Pte Ltd – link

Happy campers at Pandan Mangrove!

South Zone Captain Kelly Ong and Site Captain for Pandan mangrove Ou Yang Xiuling celebrating the 3rd year of a successful cleanup at Pandan mangroves. Photo by Lee Bee Yan.

Data from the cleanup

  • Overall for Pandan – link
  • Black & Veatch (SEA) Pte Ltd – link
  • NUS Raffles Museum Toddycats & Biodiversity Crew – link
  • Oil Spill Response – link
  • Wildlife Reserves Singapore – link

Blog posts from the cleanup

  • “Tackling the ‘Trash Monsters’ of Pandan Mangrove,” by Ou Yang Xiuling. News from the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore, 11 Sep 2010 – link
  • “The “Phua Chu Kang” effect [People of the ICCS],” by N. Sivasothi. News from the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore, 12 Sep 2010 – link

Photos from the cleanup:

  • Raffles Museum Toddycats Album 1 (117 photos) – link [kpinto]
  • Raffles Museum Toddycats Album 2 (34 photos) – link [lby]
  • Raffles Museum Toddycats Album 3 (39 photos) – link [oyx]
  • Raffles Museum Toddycats Album 4 (18 photos) – link [klim]

The ICCS Briefing today @ NUS LT25

More than 200 Site Buddies and Independents turned up for the ICCS briefing. this Saturday morning. After the lecture series, the Indepenedents talked to their Site Captains.

ICCS Otters in attendance today – Ng Kai Scene, Cheong Wei Siong, Lim Chen Kee, Marcus Tay, Teo Kah Ming, Kok Oi Yee, Connie Hon, Kelly Ong, Zhang Dongrong, Andy Dinesh, Kenneth Pinto, Airani S., Linda Tan, Kevin Lim & N. Sivasothi.

Kenneth Pinto took a bunch of photos and it’s been uploaded to a Flickr set here.

ICCS Briefing, 28 Aug 2010 @ NUS LT25 - a set on Flickr

Get that gill net out of here!

Volunteers from ST Dynamics at East Coast Park Beach Site 1 encountered a fishing net buried in the sand and didn’t leave it there – they huffed and puffed and extracted the net, removed the entangled coral and disposed of it! Well done folks!

Complete album on Flickr – link.

Posted via email from International Coastal Cleanup Singapore

Photos from the Zone/Site Captains

As the Zone and Site Captains reported in, some brought back photos that we uploaded in a jiffy and watched in the lab but erm, forgot to report here. The lab computers were crawling so they took a very long while to get online. For the record there was:

Kallang Basin by Ng Kai Scene

Lim Chu Kang mangroves by Dewi Anggraini

Kranji mangroves (a glimpse) by Dewi Anggraini

Posted by email from International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (posterous)