Site Allocation Exercise 3 – 76% of sites allocated for ICCS in Sep 2015!

Friday evenings, 22 May & 26 Jun 2015: 7.00pm @ NUS Faculty of Science Active Learning Room [S16-03] – The ICCS Otters conducted the second and third Site Allocation Exercise (SAX2/SAX3) in preparation for ICCS 2015, scheduled for 19 Sep 2015.


At SAX1 on 24 Apr 2015, 33 organisations had registered 1,946 volunteers for ICCS. Two months later at SAX3, there were 60 organisations comprising 3,507 volunteers which have registered for ICCS 2015. This means three-quarters of our shores capacity has been met and we expect more to trickle in.

Zone Captains have had to juggle some organisations between sites in order to fit their estimated participation while taking into consideration their logistical needs (e.g. access to facilities) – and organisers were confirmation at their sites.

As of now, the zone status are:

  1. North-West – 81% filled; three sites open
  2. North-East – 71% filled; two sites open, two almost full
  3. Pulau Ubin – 59% filled; five sites open, one almost full
  4. Changi – 100% filled; one site almost full
  5. Tanah Merah – 64% filled; five sites open
  6. East Coast – 100% filled; all sites full
  7. South – 73% filled; three sites open, one almost full

For details, see

ICCS Status 2

Next, the ICCS team will focus on the Organiser’s Workshop and joint recces before the final event. We look forward to working with our Organisers closely for ICCS 2015!

Site Allocation Exercise II – 2,955 volunteers from 52 organisations registered!

Site Allocation Exercise II was conducted last week (Thu 25 Apr 2013) and the ICCS Zone Captains and I met to allocate Organistions to beaches and mangroves in preparation for International Coastal Cleanup 2013.

ICCS Site Allocation Exercise II

We allocated 19 organisations that evening, who registered 1,415 participants. The exercise involves processing the queue bidding for sites, answering and asking questions, re-establishing contacts and reallocation.

Several quick phone calls to Organisers and discussion with the experienced Zone Captains who have conducted their reccees, settled this round of the ICCS process.

ICCS2013: SAX2

This brings the present status to 2,955 volunteers from 52 organisations (see: Registration is still open and Site Allocation Exercise III will take place at the end of May.

ICCS Status

Several sites are still open and we will usually see another 1,000 signing up each year. Registration is still open, which we will process during two more exercises at the end of May and at the end of June.

After this, registration will be finally closed and we will focus our efforts on the joint recces, ICCS Workshops, National Day cleanup and the Year-Round Coastal Cleanups.

Site Allocation Exercise for ICCS2013: Round 1 completed!

Round 1 of the Site Allocation Exercise for 2013 has been completed! We have allocated 31 groups, and about 1,500 volunteers are already committed. This is about the half way point.

Meanwhile, during the exercise, a new site in Punggol was added, as observed by the Zone Captains after their recent recce. Sites at the two ends of Changi Beach were revived – we have kept a close eye on those during our bicycle rides, and beach improvements are just about completed.

We will offer Kranji East mangrove which Ria reported a large load at the site once again, in a recent post in Wild Shores Singapore. However, we will restrict that to capable adult groups with whom we will conduct a joint recce with due to the additional safety demands at the site.

West Coast Park was removed from the list as it is now bordered by a breakwater line. And Pasir Ris 3-5 remans of the list due to the booms upriver, although we’ll review this again later in the year.

There is actually a new site in Changi River which I examined last year but we’ll add that later as it requires a capable group and the load is not heavy.

Meanwhile, the beaches of East Coast Park have as usual almost all been allocated, much to the Zone Captain’s delight

View the current status at

ICCS2013 Site Allocation Round 1

Tides force multiple dates for the International Coastal Cleanup in Singapore this year

This year, the International Coastal Cleanup in Singapore is conducted over several dates. Traditionally held on the third Saturday in September, we have had to vary the dates due to the tides. An exposed shore during low spring tide is ideal for a thorough cleanup and in some areas, the tide has to be low enough just for us to access a cleanup site.

It certainly makes the job of coordination more difficult and an indication of this is how late this blog post is! But tides always dictate the coastal cleanup dates.

Is the tide low enough?
Access to Chek Jawa North

The affected groups opted for alternative dates quickly when presented with the situation, and the result was multiple dates for the cleanup. All were within the recommended range of the international coordinator, the Ocean Conservancy so we logged it all in the ICCS Status Page and went ahead.

ICCS Status

The “status” column of this sheet contains many remarks. When we first present the sites at the start of the year, they all indicate the site is “OPEN”. As sites get booked by Organisers with enough numbers, they are marked “CLOSED”.

On the cleanup day, the well-prepared Organiser will submit the Data Submission Form for their site and their site is marked as “Data Submitted”. Otherwise it is the prominent “Awaiting Data” indication and Zone Captains would be calling the Organiser. This is unusual as data can be consolidated on the spot.

ICCS Data Verification by Zone Captains
Data Verification by Zone Captains back in NUS Lab 7

Zone Captains come back from cleanup sites around the island to NUS Lab 7 to tackle data verification and once done, we process the results and post it to the web with a pie chart and bar graph of the top ten items. The we ask Organisers to check that nothing is amiss and we announce the results published. When the status for a site indicates “Data Published”, that’s the sign for a completed job!

The two main cleanup dates (8th and 15th of September) have been completed. The next major cluster of cleanups will be conducted on the 29th of September 2012 – an excellent evening low tide! With most of our sites done, we’ll join the “Independent” volunteers at four sites around the island: Sungei Ubin, Lim Chu Kang, Pasir Ris Beach 6 and Tanah Merah Sites 8 & 9.

Anyone can join us, just sign up at at!