The ICCS Briefing on 25 Aug 2012 – the prelude to the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore 2012!

Every year, a fortnight before the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (ICCS) commences, an ICCS Briefing is conducted for Site Buddies, Independents and members of the public interested in marine life and the objectives of coastal cleanups.

This year, 82 volunteers and members of public left the cosy comfort of their beds to attend the briefing conducted by ICCS Coordinator, N. Sivasothi a.k.a. Otterman who welcomed them with great enthusiasm!

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During the briefing, Siva highlighted and showcased Singapore’s marine wildlife that persist amidst our battered shores. The crowd was wowed by videos and images of baby turtles, dolphins, dugongs, crocodiles and otters. They piqued the participants’ interest and captured everyone’s attention.


After the introduction of Singapore’s marine wildlife, Siva talked about the threats that these aquatic denizens face and gave special attention to marine trash! Single-use plastics, carelessly discarded, end up in aquatic environments and dominate the shores. This affects the survival of many marine organisms which might mistake the fragments as food, eg. marine turtles mistakenly consume clear plastic and exploded balloons as jellyfish and even the albatross living far from humans, are affected.

An overview of cleanup methods prepared Organisers and Site Buddies for the cleanup and data collection processes.

Siva ended the session with suggestions about how each of us can help in a variety of ways, inspiring everyone to make a difference!


With the briefing over, volunteers stepped forward to have a chat with Siva and the ICCS Otters team. Many of them were old friends, such as Martha Began of Singapore American School and her students! New faces sought advice from their respective Zone Captains and discussed their cleanup sites. This face to face time is a welcome resource for Organisers.


It was lovely to see the energy and interaction in the room! Everyone was enthusiastic and we hoped they were glad to learn about Singapore surviving marine wildlife and will look forward to a safe, efficient and green cleanup!

Have a great ICCS 2012 everyone!