Besides the annual International Coastal Cleanup Singapore, Organisers from schools, institutions, corporate or other groups are always welcome to organise cleanups at any other time of the year on their own with some advise from us, after reading ICCS’ Guidelines for Organisers.

These Year-Round Coastal Cleanups (YRCC) do not require the use of the data cards but the number of black trash bags are counted and weighed to provide a gauge of the trash load at sites year-round. This information should be included in reports with photos to ICCS for inclusion in this blog in order to raise awareness and to provide acknowledgement for these year-round efforts.

There are four types of beaches (Categories A to D) you can tackle on your own. Please see “Suggestions for Year Round Coastal Cleanups

One thought on “Year-Round

  1. Hi how shall we go about registering for the next cleanup Day-National Cleanup Day on 4th Aug? i am part of our company recreational team , so we are int to open up and ask our staff to join in this event?

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