Year-Round Coastal Cleanups

The International Coastal Cleanup is an annual data-gathering exercise conducted in September, typically on the 3rd Saturday of September.  At other times of the year, these options are available:

How do I join or organise a cleanup at any time?

[1] Join marine debris warriors in Singapore! These are meant for individual or small group sign-ups, have fixed dates pre-arranged by these organisers, and are free to join. Just check their Facebook pages for announcements.

  1. Trash Hero Singapore (monthly cleanups)
  2. Little Green Men (monthly cleanups)
  3. Green Nudge (monthly cleanups)
  4. Seven Clean Seas (monthly cleanups)
  5. Nature Society (Singapore) Kranji mudflat cleanups (monthly)
  6. Blossom World (monthly cleanups) 
  7. Restore Ubin Mangrove (every two months)
  8. Guardians of Mother Earth
  9. Our Singapore Reefs (underwater cleanups)

We highlight their current cleanups on the ICCS Facebook page.

[2] Have a cleanup organised for you (fee-based)

  1. Waterways Watch Society offers a diversity of guided waterway cleanups for a fee. Examine their programme catalogue and contact them about their guided cleanups:
    • waterways cleanup on foot,
    • waterways cleanups on kayak,
    • waterways cleanups on pedal boat,
    • waterways cleanups on boat and
    • coastal cleanups.
  2. Green Nudge is a green startup that works to reduce environmental footprint at events and corporate functions by providing a holistic green events solution.Contact them via Facebook or webpage.

 [3] Organise your own cleanup via Public Hygiene Council

Organisers who want to organise cleanups at any other time of the year on their own and with any number, should register with Public Hygiene Council and provide THREE WEEKS notice. PHC will allocate you sites along these beaches:

  • East Coast Beach
  • Changi Beach
  • Pasir Ris Beach
  • Sembawang Beach (small site)


Celebrate the occasion! You could time your cleanups to celebrate local and international environment occasions, such as:

  • 02 Feb – World Wetlands Day
  • 22 Mar – Singapore World Water Day
  • 22 Apr – Earth Day
  • 06 May – Keep Singapore Clean [link]
  • 22 May – World Biodiversity Day
  • 23 May – World Turtle Day
  • 05 Jun – World Environment Day
  • 08 Jun – World Oceans Day
  • 09 Aug – National Day
  • 27 Sep – World Tree Day
  • 04 Oct – World Animal Day

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