ICCS 2010 Team and Recruitment

I finally found a breather to get started with ICCS this year. About the first thing I do before sending the materials order to the Ocean Conservancy is to finalise the team coordinating the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore. The ICCS Otters come from the Raffles Museum Toddycats and most are veterans of many years of contribution.

Each year, I ask everyone if they are able to help out or need to sit out a year. Eventually, the names stagger in to become a list and I gave it plenty of time this year as I was pretty much exhausted myself. This year’s list is as follows:

ICCS 2010 Team

  • Northeast Zone Captains – Ng Kai Scene, Cheong Wei Siong, Lim Chen Kee
  • Pulau Ubin Zone Captain – Tay Guan Hock
  • Changi Zone Captains – Kok Oi Yee, Teo Kah Ming
  • East Zone Captain – Connie Hon [new recruit]
  • South Zone Captain – Kelly Ong
  • Northewest Zone Captain – N. Sivasothi
  • Pandan Site Captain – Ouyang Xiuling [new recruit, NUS undergraduate]
  • Lim Chu Kang Site Captain – ???
  • ICC Penang – Alison Wee
  • Webpage – Charina Ong [new recruit, NUS Staff]
  • Data Captain – Airani S
  • Dy Coordinator – Andy Dinesh
  • Coordinator – N. Sivasothi

It is obvious recruitment is critical, so we are working on that now through Raffles Museum Todddycats. The role involves organisation, admin, education and field work and not meant for the faint-hearted!

If this sounds like your cup of tea and you would like to help out in Singapore’s oldest and largest grassroots environment programme, sign up at the Raffles Museum Toddycats recruitment page at http://toddycats-join.rafflesmuseum.net/. You’ll welcome you with open arms!



ICCS Positions I am recruiting for:

  • East Coast Zone Captains (two)
  • Lim Chu Kang Site Captain
  • Northwest Zone Captain
  • Pulau Ubin Site Captains (more than one required)
  • Photo & Blog Captain
  • Education Captain



P. S. this was last year’s calendar:

ICCS Otter Calendar for 2009
Planning Meetings

Coordinator (N. Sivasothi) & Dy Coordinator (Lim Chen Kee)

  • Thu 22 Jan 2009: Coordinators meeting I
  • Sat 14 Mar 2009: Coordinators meeting II
  • Sat 28 Mar 2009: Coordinators meeting III

Coordinators: ICCS Otters

  • Fri 20 Feb 2009: 7pm – ICCS Otters Meeting 1 (Year plan briefing and SOP)
  • Fri 03 Apr 2009: 7pm – ICCS Otters Meeting 2 (Google Forms Workshop)
  • Fri 05 Jun 2009: 7pm – ICCS Otters Meeting 3 (Review veteran registration)
  • Fri 03 Jul 2009: 7pm – ICCS Otter Meeting 4 (Workshop preparation)


  • Tue 14 Apr 2009: Invitation letters to 2008 Organisers
  • Tue 21 Apr 2009 – 15 May 2009: Registration through webpage (veterans)
  • Tue 09 Jun 2009: Registration opens via webpage (newbies)

Education programme

  • Sat 11 Jul 2009: 8am – 12pm: ICCS Organiser’s Workshop
  • Sat 05 Sep 2009: 8am – 12pm: ICCS Site Buddy Briefing

International Coastal Cleanup

  • Sat 05 Sep 2009: 2pm – 5pm: ICCS Mangrove Recce (SP, KR, LCK, PU)
    Tide: 3pm – 5pm: 2.0m – 0.9m
  • Sat 12 Sep 2009: 8am – 12pm: ICCS Mangrove
    Tide: 8am – 11am: 1.7m – 1.7m
  • Sat 19 Sep 2009 : 8am – 12pm: ICCS Beach
    Tide: 8am – 10am: 1.3m – 3.0m

Data submission and Phase II

  • Sat 19 Sep 2009: 2pm – 5pm: ICCS Otters Meeting 5 (data, blogs & Debrief)
  • 03 Oct 2009: Phase II cleanups (to be confirmed)
  • 01 Nov 2009: Data submission to Ocean Conservancy

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