International Coastal Cleanup Singapore 2018 – Registration for Organisers is open!

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Greetings Organisers!

ICCS will be conducted on Sat 15th Sep 2018

The International Coastal Cleanup coordinated by the Ocean Conservancy is the data-gathering exercise held every September. Held in Singapore since 1992, we will conduct the exercise this year on the international date of the third Saturday in September – 15 Sep 2018.

Invitation to Organisers to register

We invite Organisers to register and to indicate your preferred sites and dates.

The ICCS team will review applications in end-May, end-June and end-July. Sites are allocated based on your familiarity with the site, your experience with ICCS, the site difficulty level and and your volunteer preparation, and the date of registration.

You will be informed by email.

Registrations will close at the end of July.

Workshops for Organisers in July

Workshops for Organisers and their assistants will be conducted by ICCS Zone Captains at NUS in July. Anyone who needs help in reviewing the site recce and safety assessment checklists must attend. While critical for new Organisers, the workshops can serve as a refresher for veterans who would contribute to the group discussions with peers.

You can choose ONE of three dates to attend the workshop – from Thu 05 Jul, Thu 12 Jul or Thu 19 Jul 2018. Please indicate your interest in the July workshop and we will re-confirm closer to the date. Should we open up more dates, we will make these available to you as well.

Other dates

If you are interested in conducting a cleanup at other times of the year (without data collection), please examine the options at this page:

Thank you for your interest in caring for the environment!

N. Sivasothi
International Coastal Cleanup Singapore
c/o Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum
& Department of Biological Sciences
National University of Singapore

One thought on “International Coastal Cleanup Singapore 2018 – Registration for Organisers is open!

  1. Hi Siva,
    Apologies for bothering you. Possible to link up with you for the ICCS on 15 Sep?
    I’ve emailed you yesterday 29 Aug on my request.
    Off: 67563008
    Best regards
    Abdul Jaleel


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