Second engagement session – the ICCS Briefing

This drizzly Saturday morning saw the ICCS Otters address participants and Site Buddies about various aspects of ICCS operations which will take place next week.

This session was put together by the ICCS education team led by Zhang Dongrong and Marcus Tay. This follows the earlier engagement session, the Organiser’s Workshop (or simply ICCS Workshop) which dealt mainly with the raising the knowledge level of organiser’s about background issues of the ICC such as marine life and human impact.

I kicked off with some background to the ICC and ICCS while Lim Chen Kee covered operations, Marcus Tay dealt with the role of Site Buddies, Anand Ramchand discussed data collation and submission and the ICCS webpage and I rounded up the session which ended by 11.30am.

Each of the presenters injected humour from their experiences from past years of the ICCS so it was relevant as well as funny.

During the Q&A, the other ICCS Otters – Oi Yee, Kai Scene, Dinesh, Dongrong and Dewi joined in to discuss operational issues with the Site Buddies and participants who had joined us in LT25.

We surmised it as a fruitful session despite the mix of roles in the audience and saw many taking notes during the two and a half hour session. So we were glad we put it together in such a hurry despite our tough schedules. Sure we can do a lot to improve but even n this form, it’s usefulness has cemented itself into an annual offering along with the Organiser’s Briefing.

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